Author of "Legendary Cooks: 
                Five Generations of NH Cooks"

   I start most oil paintings by going out and painting en pleine air. This is important because I need to capture subtleties of light and shadow that aren't always so apparent in a photograph. It also helps me to get a sense of depth and perspective; photos are too flat and two-dimensional. However, the problem with plein air is that the lighting changes quickly and often it is difficult to go back to the scene at the same time of day and with the same weather conditions, so I do take photos and make sketches to help me finish part of the work indoors.

   Oil painting is a slower, more patient process than other painting media. I don't use an a la prima style, even though that is very popular with many artists today. I feel I can capture not only more detail but a stronger sense of atmosphere by using using many layers, glazing, scumbling, and blending wet-on-wet.

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